Vanguard ETF Worksheet for Friday

Vanguard’s “wide range of stock and bond ETFs offers you the advantages of investments managed at cost along with our indexing expertise–and no commission charges for Vanguard Brokerage clients.” This worksheet provides buy/sell stops and suggested position sizing for all Vanguard ETF ticker symbols.

For more on how to use this worksheet, please refer to Seven Steps to Better Stock Trading.

3 thoughts on “Vanguard ETF Worksheet for Friday”

  1. Sounds like an cost efficient way to play ETF’s.
    I Assume the list is sorted by Invivo’s “performance” metric. I like to look at these tables after doing a descending sort by ” % to signal “.
    Hard to figure whats best in these volatile “news” driven Markets.

  2. Hi wiinky yes list is sorted same way as at I like to look at them for sentiment. Whatever is on top of the list is where the hot money is running into. We can see a lot of fixed income ETFs on top of this list… it’s not ‘hot money’ but ‘scared money’ pushing fixed income ETFs them up there for now. But for how long?

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