Cash America (CSH): Death Cross

Cash America (CSH)

Cash America (CSH) flashed the death cross (50-day moving average below 200-day) signal.

The red price bars showing underperformance vs. SPX since mid October.

Pawnbrokers sector was hot this past summer and fall.

Now investors have moved on to the next ‘hot’ sector. We can see that from the break down in other pawnbrokers like $EZPW and $FCFS.

Let’s see if any CSH bounces will find major resistance at its 200DMA.

The death cross is a good filter to help narrow down the field. From there, traders should apply the Seven Steps to Better Stock Trading. For example, it is important to determine if there is a trend. One way to do it is to apply a swing indicator and look for a pattern of lower highs and lower lows. Better yet, just use my Total Indicator for eSignal. It’s free!